Tailored Coaching

What we do depends on your priorities and requirements.  We tailor training content, duration and formats around the issues you need addressed, the outcomes you want and the number of people you need coached.

When do Clients get in Touch?

Typically, businesses and individuals seek my help in three different scenarios;


Stepping up

Is the moment that you realise that to continue doing what you have always done is, in reality, watching your colleagues and competitors outperform you.  


Do these scenario’s sound familiar?

  • You are turning down potential opportunities because negative thoughts and behaviours are preventing you.

  • You are losing out to competitors repeatedly despite superior ideas, products or services

  • You are recently promoted and you need communications skills that are currently outside your comfort zone.

Raising the Bar

Is when you or your teams are performing well; saying yes to opportunities and succeeding most of the time.  Perhaps your performance is a little inconsistent and you know that it doesn’t reflect full potential you or business has to offer. 


Do these scenario’s sound familiar?

  • There are inconsistencies in the performance across a senior team

  • You know you have more to offer but are struggling to demonstrate this consistently

  • You recognise that good is not good enough going forward.

The ‘A’ Game

Is when you or your teams need to go beyond good performance and step into great communication behaviours consistently, across a wide variety of challenging business scenarios.  This is the moment when you step purposefully beyond your comfort zone with a clear destination in mind.


Do these sound familiar?

  • You have multiple accidental and emerging leaders in your business that have yet to embody the role of leader.

  • You want to significantly differentiate yourself, your brand or your product from the competitors.

  • You want to develop a Vlog, a TED talk, or require Media Training.



Some of the modules we have delivered this year have included Presence and Impact training, Networking, Presentation skills (Foundational and Advanced), Conflict Resolution, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Handling Difficult Conversations Well, Productive and Fluent Meetings, Virtual Leadership, Media Training as well as coaching TED talk speakers.


Please give us a shout and we can give you more information to suit your needs.

A Human Approach

Everyone is different, so we never offer static programmes. Each session is tailored to your specific briefs and needs, teams and individuals.

Coaching can take the form of intensive single sessions to boost short-term performance, or full programmes to embed life-long learning.

In every case, we make sessions interactive and fun, open and honest, empathetic and practical – with strengths supported and weaknesses resolved constructively.

As a result, everyone leaves with personalised guidance, new capabilities to practice and apply, plus the inestimable gift of newfound confidence.